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About Us

Je suis Papillon... I am a butterfly. Have you ever looked at butterfly's wings? The colors, the patterns, none of them are the same. Each one is so unique.

With our busy lives, have you ever paused and looked at children surrounding you? Take a moment... Just look at the most precious little people in your lives. What do you see? Their personalities, habits, interest, tastes are so different.

Sustainable Minded

Most of our fabrics are sustainable: Bamboo, Wool, Cotton. Bamboo requires little water and it is fast growing plant, no pestesides required to grow.

Consciously Sourced

All our fabrics are sourced from Canadian Manufactures.

Powerfully Charged

We are in the works to create little designer community.

Carefully Created

All our styles are designed with simplicity and comfort in mind.


Some of our designs were featured on Toronto Kids Fashion week, season IV, 2020.

Quality First

Quality comes first!

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"Good quality, natural fibre children's clothing."

Donna Stenzil

"Natural fibres are great, original and beautiful designs, and note that these are all environmentally friendly fabrics too! Reasonable prices."

Robin Ganev

"You are going to fall in love as much and as quickly as I did with this brand. Give it try!"

Peyton Lea