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Our Story

Je suis Papillon... I am a butterfly. Have you ever looked at butterfly's wings? The colors, the patterns, none of them are the same! Each one is so unique!

With our busy lives, have you ever paused and looked at children surrounding you? Take a moment... Just look at the most precious little people in your lives. What do you see? Their personalities, habits, interest, tastes are so different.

I am a mom of 9-year-old girl. Over nine past years I love and always excited to shop for her little clothing! The experience I am facing with finding unique clothing - it is almost impossible to find in today’s retail. I find mass-produced retailers have the same alike clothing lasting for a couple of washes. I am not even talking about the aspect that three other kids wear the same outfit in the class.

So I went online. I found so many great brands for the same money. It is a struggle to find simple, but unique, quality clothing which would emphasize the personality of my little girl, and stay on budget!

Anything I would buy, I started to get so many complements throughout the years. I have so much passion for children’s clothing and tone of retail experience. I started to think about my idea that I carried for some time to have my own children’s clothing line. I have so much passion even to think, that I can make a difference in some little life, keeps me going. It is very nice to meet you! My name is Ella Hanson.

I am a designer/owner behind Je suis Papillon brand.

When I design clothing I always keep in mind comfort, cuteness and uniqueness. When I shop for fabric I always think about the touch; I go for the bright colors and sustainable fabrics.